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While you are in Forest Beach Natural Holiday Resort you can go for a walk on one of the ten eco paths in the region:

Eco path Begliktash

The picturesque eco trail Begliktash - Vulchanovo kale / The Lion's Head / - "The Holy Way of the Thracians" is ideal for lovers of the more extreme and steep hikes, which are always thirsty for adventures in nature.

Through a bridge to Arkutino

An interesting and easy walk, suitable for everyone. Just let the bridge guide you through the reeds in Arkutino Swamp.

To Ropotamo River

The path to the mouth of one of the most picturesque rivers in Bulgaria Ropotamo takes you between countless water lilies that bloom throughout the summer.

To St. Paraskeva Bay

Beautiful, with a slightly mystical charm and unique sunrises and sunsets, Sveta Paraskeva Bay will definitely leave you a beautiful memory from the sea.

To the highest dune on the Balkan Peninsula

The highest dune is located next to Arkutino, in the Ropotamo Reserve. It will definitely change your perceptions of coastal beauty.

Via Cape Kaya to the mouth of the Ropotamo River

The bird-eye view to Ropotamo river cannot be described by simple words. You have to see it!

To the Happy Rock

Not only the name, but also the mood you will gift yourself during this walk, is more than happy.

To the reserve Velyov Vir

One more option to enjoy the beauty of the water lilies in the region - gift yourself this wonderful experience in the nature.

Beglectash - The Cape of Oil - On the Footsteps of the Romans

It connects the Maslen Cape, the Thracian sanctuary of Begliktash, with its beginning marked by a sign. It is believed that in ancient times, there was an ancient harbor at Maslen Cape and the Romans descended on the route, followed by the eco-trail, to reach it.

Begliktash - St. Paraskeva Bay - Redicovery of the past

One recommended by many travelers for a walk to Begliktash that will definitely give you positive emotions and beautiful views.
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